Over the long weekend we completely rearranged the store. If you have been here before, you won’t recognize it!

Isn’t it funny how when you imagine rearranging,

it all seems so straightforward and seamless in your mind?

And then you get started. Because the stuff is all switching places, you have to move a bunch of things to make some space to move the other things into before you can then move the first stuff to where it’s supposed to go.

Yup, then that perfect plan you have imagined in your mind’s eye? Well it turns out that the laws of physics prevent that from existing without employing some sort of inter-dimensional parallel universe… well at least that’s what happens to me. My step-son and I spent well over an hour trying to arrange the thread cabinets before we finally abandoned the original vision and put them somewhere completely different.

My sewing department was so cramped that it was frustrating and stressful to work. We now have a large area where my many industrial sewing machines have room for me to work comfortably. I didn’t realize how cramped it really was until after the move. It’s such a relief now that it’s basically done. It will take a while just to get used to the new work flow. I’m sure I’ll be tweaking it for a while to make it nice and efficient.

The yarn and notions displays are a bit more compact, but still roomy enough that several people can be browsing without being in each others’ way. The new area made it a lot easier to group all the craft supplies together; the knitting tools; the crochet tools and the yarn as well. It’s actually easier to find what you’re looking for now. I’m still hoping to come up with a better way to display the patterns.

We set up a separate table for me to work at so that the old cutting table is available all the time for cutting yard-goods for customers. We also have an incoming counter for doing up work orders for jobs and a separate check-out counter for handling sales and out-going work. Best of all, Irene and I are no longer tripping over each other. YAY!

Of course, it wasn’t actually on my radar to do all that on the long weekend. I was expecting to be sewing; I’m a little behind with that now. We definitely needed the entire long weekend to manage it. Even with me, my sweetheart and his grown son we had to put in very long days to have it mostly done in time to open on Tuesday. Then, on Tuesday I was vacuuming and dusting and cleaning in general for most of the day. Wednesday I figured I earned a day off. I left Irene in charge and took a day away. And now I just need to get the sewing caught up, which I hope I can do over the weekend.

Isn’t it amazing how much chaos you have to wade through to create order? But it’s so worth it!


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