Bordered Basket-Weave Dishcloth

This week’s beginner project is a bordered basket-weave dishcloth. It’s an easy one. It will give you the opportunity to improve the consistency of your tension both in your stitches and the transitions between your knits and purls.

Last week’s dishcloth incorporated eyelets in a stocking stitch background with a border of seed stitch. If you made up the project, I hope that you had fun with it and that you found the pattern easy to follow.

Eyelets are one of the foundations of lace-work.

They aren’t particularly difficult to create in and of themselves. Following the pattern and counting accurately is really the most challenging aspect of them.

This week’s pattern focuses on simplicity.

You will be reinforcing the following skills:

  • Casting on;
  • Knit stitch;
  • Purl Stitch;
  • switching between Knit and Purl;
  • Seed Stitch;
  • and Binding off.

Knit and purl stitches are the foundation of every knitting pattern. In the basket-weave pattern you have the opportunity to work on the evenness and consistency of your basic stitches. Beginners often struggle to maintain consistent tension when switching between Knit and Purl stitches. So sometimes, you can end up with the transition looking loose and sloppy or very tight. By working on switching between knit and purl in small blocks, you’ll get an idea of whether your tension is consistent between the two types of stitches and as you move your working thread forward and back to switch between knitting and purling. It’s a very easy pattern, and it’s really cute when it’s done. As with last week’s pattern, this cloth has a seed stitch border.

I hope you have fun knitting this week’s pattern.

And here is the pattern!

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