Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky

I ordered Hayfield Baby Blossom Chunky yarn to sell in my store. I thought it was kind of cute. That having been said, I only ordered one bag of each colour. Then it arrived; then I knitted a sweater out of it. Before I even had the yarn officially on the rack I had sold enough to make four sweaters! I’ll definitely be ordering more! This yummy-soft chunky yarn comes in 100g balls.

I knitted up the V-neck style sweater from Hayfield leaflet #4677.


I made the smallest size. It called for 1 ball. As you can see on the photo of the leaflet, the instructions don’t take the self-patterning into consideration in the instructions so if you simply follow the instructions, the blossom pattern will knit up randomly. I have to say: I personally like the self-patterning effect to line up across the sweater. Perfectionist? No… well… maybe… with some things at least. And yeah, this is one of those things for me. Partly I wanted to see how much fuss and bother it would be if I did try to line the patterns up and also, whether the estimated yarn requirement would be sufficient if I did.

Before you read on, understand that you don’t have to do this. You can just merrily knit the yarn as it comes off the ball and let that design form randomly. Feel free to skip over my explanation in the next paragraph if you couldn’t care less to make the pattern be even. 🙂 My feelings won’t be hurt.

So here’s what I did: The beginning of the ball of yarn had a bit of brown and then went directly into the patterning yarn. So I simply knitted up the back as it naturally lined up. Once I had the back done, I was at about the middle of the next section of the patterning portion of the yarn. I did up the first front and let it come out as it would. I then pulled off enough yarn so that I could find a starting point similar to what I had for the first front of the sweater and did up the second front. At this point, I was getting a little concerned about whether there would be enough of the patterned yarn to get the same effect on both sleeves. So I pulled all the yarn of the rest of the ball. (My husband is getting used to seeing me with yarn spread all over the couch and the floor and the coffee table. LOL.) I lined up the yarn so that I could find the centre point of the patterned section. I cut the yarn at that centre point and rolled up the yarn into 2 balls starting at the opposite (solid colour) ends. I now had 2 small balls that both started with the patterning section. I cast both sleeves onto one long circular needle (one sleeve from each ball). I did this for my own sanity as I have a tendency to get confused counting rows. The only tricky thing about this is that you want to be sure you don’t tangle up your working yarns with each other. Also, be sure that you switch from ball to ball. It’s actually pretty obvious when you are knitting though. I did end up having to add some of the plain coloured yarn to finish up the sleeves. I ended up with enough yarn to sew the pieces all together and a wee bit more that wasn’t worth hanging on to.

The pattern was easy.

I confused myself a bit because for the V-neck you follow the first part of the instructions and then hop ahead to the V-neck section. On the second front piece I spent about 15 minutes reading and rereading before I went, “Drp! Of course!” I did realize what was going on before I needed to frog anything, thankfully. I begrudgingly sewed it all together. (I don’t really know anyone who actually likes sewing knitted projects together. Do you?) I think it turned out beautifully. I’m quite happy with the outcome.

This is a chunky weight yarn and it knits up fast. The ribbing was on 5.5mm needles and the body was done on 6.5mm needles. So yeah, very quick to complete. The yarn is very soft. It’s a pleasure to knit. The pattern implies wee little blossoms and leaves without looking too fussy. If you are like me and you want the self patterning to line up, be prepared to take some time to work that out. Looking for a quick gift project?

Any of the patterns available for this yarn will knit up in a jiffy.



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