Teddy Bear | Sirdar Touch Review

Sirdar Touch is a very soft and fluffy 50% Nylon 50% Polyester yarn. When you feel it, you won’t want to stop squeezing it. It comes in 100g balls and currently sells for $9.95 Cdn a ball. It’s available in 10 colours; I’m currently stocking 6. It is a thick yarn, (but light) rated as a polar weight so it works up very quickly on 10mm needles. The resulting fabric is light, thick and fluffy and oh, so very deliciously SOFT.

I knitted a large teddy bear (Sirdar pattern leaflet 2466) using “Touch”. I decided to be ambitious and jointed the arms and legs, which for this yarn, I would not recommend. It’s just so soft that the joints don’t really add to the result. I wanted to be able to pose the bear and he certainly can be posed, but if I were to do the pattern again, I wouldn’t bother. The pattern was very easy to follow; all the pieces are knitted flat and then assembled. If I were a child and someone gave me this bear, I would never want to let go of it, it is so cuddly.


For anyone who really likes soft and cuddly things, this yarn will be calling your name. I would recommend Sirdar Touch for throw-cushions, scarves, toques or toys. It’s lovely to work with. Because it is so fluffy, don’t expect to get fancy by knitting a pattern into it; it would be a waste of time. Keep it really simple and love it for it’s fluff-factor.



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