Beach Knitting

At a recent Social Saturdays gathering, we were discussing our summer recreational activities, or in some cases, lack of recreational activities. I was personally lamenting that last fall I realized that an entire summer had passed without me going to the beach even once. Now, as a life-long resident of British Columbia, living in a gorgeous mountain resort town, there is something akin to sacrilege in not even going to a lake for an entire summer. I confessed that I had yet to go to any lake this summer so far and that this was weighing heavily on my conscience. The beautiful, hot sunny weather was making it very difficult to want to stay indoors to work, and wasn’t helping even one little bit.

One of the ladies commented that the only way that the beach really appeals to her is if she can be knitting there. We talked about what we perceived other people’s perceptions would be, regarding knitting at the beach. At the end, what we decided was that we actually really didn’t care about what other people thought of us beach knitting.

What mattered was that we could get outdoors on a splendid summer day, hang out in the shade enjoying a soft, warm breeze while we engage in an activity that we feel passionate about.

(I admit there was some discussion about the nature of the beverages one could consume as well, but that’s a whole other blog post.)


And how did the conversation even come about? Well, I have three grown children who all live in Kelowna (another stunning British Columbia resort city) and I had decided that I was going to go and visit them with the understanding that Sunday was going to be Beach Knitting Day. I was feeling pretty excited about it. My daughters both knit and crochet and my son crochets. Since my son is finishing up his schooling in animation, he wasn’t able to join us. But both of my daughters were fair game. I plotted out what projects to take. I’m making a pair of fingered gloves for my son-in-law who has short and stocky, hard-to-fit man-hands. I was at a point where I really needed to try what I had on his hand before I could continue.

Hey, perfect reason for a trip to Kelowna!



So at the end of the work day on Saturday I packed up my stuff and hit the road. Woohoo! Sunday arrived; I realized I had forgotten my beach chair. Oops. LOL! My daughter grabbed me one of hers. After a very yummy brunch with my kids and their significant others, we finally headed to the beach. We got there and got all set up and I reveled in the fact that instead of working, I was sitting at the lake in Kelowna feeling the warm breeze on my very white skin, and smelling the summery scents of water, sunscreen and barbecue. I pulled out my knitting; I discovered that I grabbed the wrong glove pattern. Oops. LOL! I’m knitting a sort of hounds-tooth pattern into the back of the glove and I didn’t have the chart. Thankfully I had knitted enough that I could suss it out from what I had already knitted. Then, after a few rows of knitting when I had to place some stitches on stitch holders I realized that I had neglected to bring any. Oops. LOL! Thankfully my stitch markers are like little safety pins so I crammed the stitches on them. I suppose I could have used some yarn instead. I got to the point that I needed to try the glove on, but my son-in-law (who does not share my love of knitting) was busy elsewhere. So I switched to a different project: a doll sweater for my medical model of a skeleton (again, that’s a whole other blog post). I was making up the pattern as I went, and realized I had left my note book behind. Oops. LOL!


Clearly, I didn’t prepare very well before I left. But it got me thinking. I had such a beautiful and relaxing time that I really want to make a point of beach knitting more often. I figure I need to set myself up a beach bag: a Beach Knitting Bag; my BKB. So I’m making up a list of the items that I will most likely need that will stay in my BKB. Obviously, I could call it my “Knitting Out” bag and it could be for any time I go anywhere and want to take my knitting, but I like the sound of “Beach Knitting Bag” better. Hmmm, I might need to have a note pinned on it to remind me to take my beach chair, though.

By the way, we did actually go in the water too. It was lovely!


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